Summer Watercolor Classes 2023

Two fun new watercolor classes this summer at LGS Recreation in Los Gatos, CA.

Experimenting with Gouache – Opaque Watercolor Live ClassThis


Three session course.

Dates: 7/20/23 – 8/03/23

Time: 10:00 am – 12:30 pm

Price: $115

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About this Course

In this class, you will learn to paint with gouache (opaque watercolor). Gouache is a wonderful medium that allows you to layer bold colors with different blending techniques. The instructor will have a project for each class where you can paint-a-long while you familiarize yourself with gouache paint by exploring tones, brushstroke techniques and understanding color combinations. No previous experience or knowledge is required for this class.

Materials for this class

-Gouache paints a selection of primary colors plus black and white (Winsor and Newton brand)

-Synthetic paintbrushes: One half-inch angle shader, a quarter-inch filbert brush, a size 8 round brush, and a size two round brush.

-These are basic suggested brushes to bring to class Watercolor paper 140 LB

-A palette to mix your paints

A detailed list of materials will be sent to you when you sign up for the class.

Learn how to mix primary gouache colors to create a fun layered painting with sunflowers.

Using a black watercolor cold pressed paper is fun with gouache colors that are opaque. Colors will show brighter over the dark background.

Let’s paint a landscape in gouache! Learn how to mix a basic palette to get a big range of colors that can be applied on a landscape painting.

Using tan toned mix media paper you can get a different style using gouache. This fun bird was painted in that paper and a nice mixture of colors. This will be one of the exercises in class.

More samples of gouache paintings will be added soon.

Watercolor Live Instruction for beginners and intermediate level

This class is no longer available

Three session course

Dates: 8/17/23 – 8/31/23

Time: 10:00 am – 12:30 pm

Price: $115

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About this Course

In this class you will learn the basic techniques of painting with watercolor. Through simple and fun exercises you will get confidence painting with the medium. There will be at least three small projects in each class that will be demonstrated step by step and where you can paint-a-long. By the end of each class you will have finished exercises and paintings that will build up your skills. This class will bring you confidence with the medium and will help you move to the next level. No previous experience of knowledge is required for this class.

Basic materials you should have for this class:

-Cold press watercolor paper

– Basic set of watercolor paints

– Set of watercolor brushes include round brushes number 4, 6, 10 and a rigger brush for details

A more detailed list of materials will be sent when you sign up for the class.

Let’s paint simple watercolor projects to build confidence with the medium and move to the next level.

Let’s learn how to paint a red robin in watercolor. What a fun exercise for this class!

More samples of class projects coming soon.

Classes at Los Gatos Adult Recreation Center 208 East Main Street, Los Gatos, CA 95030

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