Two important Announcements:

-You can find some of my ceramics and printed cards at The Shop at Triton Museum in Santa Clara, CA

– I will be participating in May 16 -17 2020 at the Silicon Valley Open Studios selling my ceramics and paintings. Click this link for their home page. Type my name on the Find an Artist Link.

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  1. MichaelHed says:

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  2. VernonCuh says:

    Budget to boost mental health spending, introduce new measures on suicide and depression, and improve safety for school leavers

    It is estimated that each week, around 850 people from different socioeconomic backgrounds commit suicide. Suicide rates are rising around the world, with many being children, young people and people with disabilities, as well as people with mental health issues.

    The government believes that mental health funding is key for tackling suicide; however, this funding has not been targeted at those in greatest need.

    With over $11 billion already earmarked for mental health and suicide prevention, the Government is also developing new measures that will see a reduction in the number of school leavers and youth suicides by 2015–16, whilst funding support for mental health issues to tackle suicide increases.

    One of these measures will see funding increased for the Youth Suicide Unit (YUs), which provides support to over 40,000 young people who are at risk of suicide.

    Other Government measures that will improve the resilience of young people

    Tackle the mental health crisis in schools

    Over 400 youth suicide prevention sessions have been scheduled each year since 2010, and the Government has committed to increase funding by $500 million by 2020–21 and $1000 million by 2023–24.

    A second measure – the Future of Youth Suicide Plan – will support the delivery of a new National Strategy for Suicide Prevention, including funding for Youth Suicide Unit pilot sites in the community and providing targeted mentoring services to support youth at risk of suicide and suicide prevention. This will increase the number of places at risk to around 30,000 by 2023–24, compared with the current level of 4,500, and provides a $7 million funding boost to the Youth Suicide Unit each year, between 2015–16 and 2023–24.

    Addressing the causes of suicide

    A key part of the Government’s plan is to ensure that suicide victims are appropriately recognised, supported and supported at every stage of the process of suicide, and to address the causes of suicide through action in key areas.

    The Government is supporting mental health and suicide prevention services at every stage of suicide, including:

    School suicide prevention activities such as school visits, awareness campaigns, information sheets and other resources;

    Suicide prevention messages to help parents and teachers;

    Suicide helplines, which provide support on the phone to crisis teams in real-time from crisis centres around Australia;

    Suicide helpline enquiries;

    Suicide prevention and early intervention schemes;

    Suicide screening and awareness training for health workers;

    Suicide prevention posters;

    Suicide prevention kits such as those provided to youth services, youth suicides prevention programs and family support services;

    The National Action Plan t

    Land for wildlife.

    “The main purpose of the project is to make that possible,” said Dan Stuckey, assistant curator of invertebrate collections at the Smithsonian Institution, who spearheaded the work with graduate student David J. Shiffman.

    The museum was named after the late science and engineering professor and scientist Edward Teller. Under Teller, the Smithsonian began the research that led to a new understanding of animal brains — and a new understanding of evolution in general.

    “It’s not an act of war, it’s a discovery that’s going to affect all of us,” Shiffman said.

    The museum also uses the technology to explore human brains. It recently used a method that mimics the activity of human visual cortex, a part of the brain that enables us to judge images and then react to them — the same part that is involved in emotional thinking and that helps us make decisions.

    The research was funded by the National Institutes of Health (grant MH-136917) and the National Science Foundation (grant K12CA231450).

    Co-author of the paper, which is based on images captured from a bird’s eye view of a giant jellyfish, was J. Scott Cawley, the head of the Biodiversity Research Center at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

    “These giant structures that are visible through your glasses are our brain’s building blocks of emotion, cognition and thought,” he said. “So in the museum you can really understand the building blocks of cognition and emotion.”

    The work will use a new image-recognition technique that the team developed at the Museum of Comparative Zoology in Tokyo.

    It uses a technique called “multi-core microscopy,” which uses a large array of tiny cells — often called the choroid plexuses — to capture an image of each structure in the brain at a time, then compare it to a computer model of the anatomy.

    “It’s an unprecedented way of seeing all of these different organ systems,” Stuckey said. “It’s the single-most exciting thing that we’ve done.”

    In the process, researchers will create images of the complex structures themselves. The images will give them information on the structures’ relationship to each other, including how they work in a brain network. The results will be compared to information about the structure in a living brain to try to determine whether the similarities in brain structure and behavior can be linked to how many neurons they form.

    The images will also give scientists a better understanding of how and why brain connections are altered in the course of disease, including Alzheimer’s and autism.

    “There’s much more t

  3. furnitopiator says:

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