Welcome to my gallery of work. Here you can find my art in watercolor and ceramics. You can explore my collection of paintings that I have made through the years. Also you can check out my gallery of ceramics mostly made in porcelain. I like to make ceramics for the daily use such as mugs, tumblers, plates. But, I also enjoy making decorative ceramics. This gallery has my past and present work. Do not forget to check out the SHOP to see what it is available. Also now you can order prints of some of my paintings on this LINK.  I am glad you are here.



II am pleased to announce that the Silver Creek Women’s Club Holiday Market 2020 Virtual edition is now on!
Shop until the end of December. Elvira Gallery is participating on this event.
Here is the link for this wonderful event.
Coupon Code Holiday2020 – 10%discount of total purchase, effective dates 11-20-2020 to 12-15-2020 on Elvira Gallery.

Silver Creek Women’s Club 18th
Virtual Holiday Market

Now through the Holidays you will find new items on the SHOP here on Elvira Gallery. Enjoy new pendants, ceramics, watercolor framed paintings, holiday cards and more.

Enjoy15% this week to 11-29-2020 coupon code NOVEMBER2020

Find some of my ceramics locally at Aegis Gallery of Fine Art in Saratoga, California
14531 Big Basin Way, Saratoga, CA 95470
Tel: 408-867-0171
Also on their online store

Checking things off your gift list? When you support a small business, those gifts just mean more.
More items available also on my Etsy Shop

I am excited to announce that Elvira Gallery now has a You Tube Channel with instructional videos. Clck here to access the channel and don’t forget to give likes to the videos and subscribe to the channel. More videos will be posted with different watercolor painting topics