Landscapes and Spring Flowers Watercolor Live Instruction Class


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Three Session Class starts May 18 to June 1st, 2023

About this Course

Spring is one of our favorite seasons and it is lovely to see all the flowers blooming around. This is the inspiration for this class where you will learn how to paint flowers in different settings, such as still life, landscapes and in an urban scene. We will use different techniques and different styles in this class. This class is for beginners and intermediate students that want to improve their skills.

Basic materials you should have for this class:

-140lb/300 gm watercolor paper

-Basic set of watercolor paints

-Set of watercolor brushes include round brushes number 4, 6, 10 or 12 and a rigger brush for details. -Low tack masking tape

-Masking fluid

-A black ink liner 0.3 or 0.5 (Micron brand) or (Faber Castell)

Instructor: Elvira Rascov

Sun Flowers Vase: Fun Exercise painting my favorite flowers. Let’s learn how to create a still life in Watercolor

Front of a house with Flower Pots

A front door with flower pots make the scene a nice exercise to use watercolor and ink.

Let’s have fun painting texture on the walls and add flower pots to complement the painting.

Wild flowers field – A beautiful scene of flowers in the spring with snowy mountains in the background. Let’s learn how to paint a field of flowers in watercolor.

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