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Winter class start January 19, 2023

Time: 10:00 am to 12:30 pm

Location: Los Gatos Adult Recreation Center, Rm 206 – 208 East Main St. Los Gatos, CA 95030

Price: $185

In this fun course students will have the opportunity to practice and learn basic to advance techniques in watercolor. Throughout the course there will be different demos and step by step paint-a-long exercises were the students will learn and improve their watercolor skills. Students will be able to finish a painting at the end of each class. This course is designed for all levels of painting.

Instructor: Elvira Rascov

Here is a list of the projects we are going to paint in this class:

January 19 –  Color beach Sunset-  Painting skies and the beach

January 26  – Bee Inspired – Painting bees and flowers

February 2nd– Sparkling night (using negative painting). Fun night sky with watercolor

February 9th  Painting an atmospheric winter landscape

February 16 – Better Butterflies

March 2nd – Painting children at the beach

First class Thursday January 19 we will be painting a color beach sunset.

A fun project for beginners and intermediate students. We will learn color combinations and use of the wet and wet technique.

We will have lots of practice painting skies.

January 26. Bee inspired, painting bees and flowers.

Using a loose approach and negative painting we can painting a white daisy and a bee in watercolor.

We will practice painting bees in a loose style.

February 2nd. Sparkling night.

Using negative painting. Fun night sky made with different layers of color.

Be ready to have fun using loose style of painting.

February 9th Painting and atmospheric winter scene.

Using the white of the paper we create trees and winter colors and shadows.

February 16. Better Butterfly.

Using watercolor washes, negative painting we will paint and atmospheric flower with a white butterfly.

Let’s learn how to mix complementary colors on paper with a wet and wet technique.

March 2nd. Painting children at the beach.

There are different techniques we are going to learn in this class. Be ready to have fun learning how to paint people in a nice scenery.