Welcome to a fun watercolor class. Here is the list of suggested materials.


This a recommended brand of brushes, but not required. There are other nice brands in the market.

  • Silver Brush set SLM- Basic Susan Louis Moyer Silk painting watercolor set of round brushes. Size 4, size 8 and size 12.  I found it in this LINK. A rigger brush for details will be good to have too. Here is the LINK

If you don’t have any brushes you can start with Windsor and Newton watercolor brushes the Cotman brand in the same sizes above ( 4, 6, 8, 12 and a rigger for detail work). You can find these at Michael’s.


  • Set of Windsor and Newton Cotman watercolor Field Box set of 12 colors.  It works well for beginners. Here is the link to buy this palette.

If you want better quality watercolor paints I will recommend Daniel Smith.

These colors are good to have, but there are OPTIONAL. They are expensive so you can start with the small 5ml tubes. 

Cadmium yellow

Yellow Ochre

Opera pink

Quinacridone Rose

Quinacridone Magenta

Cobalt Blue

French Ultramarine Blue

Sap Green

Burnt Sienna

Burnt umber

White Gouache (optional)


Neutral Tint

These two palettes that I am mentioning below are OPTIONAL if you want to buy good quality professional watercolors

If you want to buy a set I recommend these two from Daniel Smith that I found on Amazon.

-The first one only have six small tubes that are the primary colors that you can mix and make other colors with them. (I recommend this one for this class)

Here is the link if you want to buy it.

Or if you want a more complete palette, I found this one that have 12 of the most used colors and for the price I think it is a good choice if you want to continue painting with good quality watercolors.

Here is the link for the Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor Half Pan Set 12 colors with bonus 12 empty half pans in metal box


It is really important to invest in good paper if you want good results. For practice you can start with Strathmore Watercolor Cold Press 140 lb for beginners and practice. You can buy it on this LINK

But I recommend to use:

Arches- Cold Press 140 lb for all styles of painting.  (This paper is the most common and perfect for this class) You can buy it on this LINK (Notice it only has 12 sheets and size is 9 x 12 inches)

Arches also offer Hot press 140 for more detailed work, Rough press 140 for landscapes and textural painting.  Available in pads or blocks.  Size of paper depends on what you want to paint.. For this class a good size is 9 x 12 inches.

Additional materials

Drawing board or Clip board (This is a good size one for the class if you want to buy it.) Here is the LINK

Mixing palette – Simple porcelain palette HERE (This other one is good when you use painting tubes and want to travel )LINK

Paper towels

# 2 pencil

Soft eraser

Tracing paper

Blue painting tape, Pro Artist tape if you do not like blue,

Masking fluid that helps preserve the white of the paper.  I use Miskit Liquid Frisket from Grumbacher, Here is the LINK. There are other brands like Pebeo or Windsor and Newton. (Do not need to buy this right away, I will explain in the first class when we will need it)

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. (optional)

And do not forget to bring a plastic container for water.

Additional suggested Materials

Spray bottle, saran wrap, salt and a hair dryer. (I will bring one to class)

Artist Materials Suppliers

Locals where most materials can be found-  Michaels Stores in San Jose, Lenz– Santa Cruz, Palace Art and Office Supply – Capitola, Blick– San Francisco

University Art – Redwood City

Unique art materials can be found at Maido Santana Row San Jose, and Affordable Treasures Los Gatos.

Online suppliers

Amazon, Jerrys Artarama, Cheap Joes, Jackson’s Art

Some of these online stores will give you a free shipping discount when you buy $45 or more.

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